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    “As an HRMA member for the past 5 years I have been able to watch the ever changing horizon of Human Resources through our meetings, Newsletters, and now, social media. From legal updates and strategic solutions to helpful insights in everyday HR issues and even the current 'national day' celebrations, I've learned a lot over those years from HRMA. Human Resources, in the past, has not been a sought after position, but in the face of current issues, benefit changes, and expanding global workforce, and growing national concern, we need highly trained Human resource professionals more than ever. As advocates of what works best for our work force, our businesses, and industries, HRMA, SHRM and similar organizations are necessary to keep us together, and keep us 'in the know'. They are invaluable tools for information and support in a growing and often-times difficult profession.”

    Pamela Page, PHR, Human Resource Assistant at The Protector Group



    “I have been a member of HRMA of Central MA for 8 years.  Throughout these years, I have enjoyed attending the monthly meetings.  I have found them to be great networking opportunities but also find them to be very informative and relevant to my work in human resources.  I have become comfortable reaching out to members of the group when seeking advice from fellow HR professionals. I have recently begun participating in one of the sub committees of the group and find it to be a great place to share ideas.  I have found the LinkedIn page to be helpful and look forward to seeing the social media presence of our group continue to grow.”

    Aimee Jalbert, HR Recruiter at Carroll Enterprises, Inc.



    “This is my first year with HRMA, and it’s been outstanding.  I’ve been able to meet several expert HR professionals that have been helpful to learn from.  HRMA allows me to continue building my HR network and keeps me up to date on HR happenings.  The discussion topics are current and valuable.  It’s truly been a great learning experience! "HRMA allows me to network with other HR professionals.  I’m a 1-person HR department, so HRMA allows me to exchange dialog with other HR professionals to obtain advice, gain ideas, and learn about resources.  All of the members are so friendly, and the leaders of the HRMA chapter are very welcoming and inclusive."

    Anita Desai, HR Manager at Anderson Power Products